Bassel Mannaa

Postdoc in the Programming Logic and Semantics group, Theoretical Computer Science, IT University of Copenhagen

IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 Copenhagen S


Modal Dependent Type Theory and Dependent Right Adjoints [Preprint]

The clocks they are adjunctions:Denotational semantics for Clocked Type Theory [Preprint-FSCD2018]

Stack Semantics of Type Theory [LICS'17]

Sheaf Semantics in Constructive Algebra and Type Theory [PhD thesis]

The Independence of Markov's Principle in Type Theory [FSCD'16][LMCS]

Constructive Newton–Puiseux Theorem, Sheaf Model of the Separable Closure and Dynamic Evaluation [Licentiate Thesis]

A Sheaf Model Of The Algebraic Closure [Proceedings CL&C'14]

Dynamic Newton–Puiseux Theorem [Journal of Logic and Analysis]

Cluster editing problem for points on the real line: A polynomial time algorithm [Inform. Process. Lett]

Dynamic construction of the algebraic closure and coinductive proof of Hensel's lemma [M.Sc. Thesis]


On the Decidability of Conversion in Type Theory [TYPES'16]


A note on separable polynomials

Apartness on strongly regular rings

Regular Expressions in Agda [Course Report]

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