My name is Elda Paja. I am Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at ITU starting August 2019. I am affiliated with the Software Engineering Group and the Center for Information Security and Trust.

Before joining ITU, I was Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Trento at the Information Engineering and Computer Science Department (DISI).

Research Interests

My research focuses on techniques to support the elicitation or design of socio-technical requirements, requirements that come from different stakeholders, and might be conflicting with one another or impact business policies. Choices made during the early phases of software development are critical, and decisions must be made to find a trade-off that does not affect functionality or other desired properties. Motivated by this, I have been exploring the design of socio-technical systems from different angles: security, trust, risk, and decision-making support.

The common ground of my approach is the use of conceptual modeling techniques, and in particular the use of modeling primitives to describe the rationale behind the behavior of the various participants of a socio-technical system, and the definition and exploitation of automated reasoning techniques (based on formal foundations defined in Datalog or Description Logics) to support the work of software, and in particular requirements engineers.
I have devised software tools that assist requirements analysts and stakeholders in eliciting, expressing and analyzing requirements. For more details, check out the Publications section.

My research is partially funded by research funding agencies, for instance the PACAS project (Participatory Architectural Change Management in ATM Systems, 2016-2018), of which I was co-PI, was funded by the European Commission.

I am currently involved on the ASCD project funded by the Danish Centre for Cybersecurity, investigating cybersecurity and privacy practices in Danish companies.

I regularly serve on the program committee of international conferences such as RE, CAiSE, REFSQ, ER, RCIS. For more details, check out the Activities section.

For more information on my work, see my CV.