Note: I have moved to Aarhus University to work as a post-doctoral researcher there. As a result, the information on this homepage is obsolete; my current homepage can be found here.

The story so far


As of September 2010, I am a PhD student in the PLS group of IT University of Copenhagen. I am working on the Tomeso project, under direction of Lars Birkedal and Peter Sestoft.

My main area of research during the PhD studies is software verification and program logics (mainly separation logic). However, I'm also interested in many other areas of formal programming language semantics, continuations, program and semantics transformations — and formalisation of the theory of programming languages.

Before starting the PhD studies, I was a Masters student at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Wrocław (my hometown, located in southwestern Poland). My Masters' project consisted of a formalisation of refocusing in the Coq system; it was supervised by Dariusz Biernacki. The formalisation is still under active, if somewhat slow, development. It can be found at my github page.

Apart from work, I occasionally sail and climb, both for the fun of it and to keep a bit of a shape, endangered by a sitting job. I am also very interested in kite and boat construction, though at the moment I don't seem to have enough time to pursue these interests.