Jean Melo

Jean Melo

PhD Student in Software Engineering

I am currently a Ph.D. Student in Software Engineering at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), Denmark. Developing methods and tools to find bugs and to improve debugging and maintainability of highly-configurable systems.

Recently, I was visiting Prof Christian Kästner at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where I was (still am) working on variability-aware analysis for understanding patches in highly-configurable systems.

Research Interests:
  • >> Software Families and Product Lines
  • >> Software Variability (Preprocessors)
  • >> Software Maintenance
  • >> Static Analysis
  • >> Empirical Software Engineering

Supervisor: Claus Brabrand
Co-Supervisor: Andrzej Wąsowski

For more information, see my curriculum lattes (in portuguese).

Jean Melo



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Iago Abal; Jean Melo; Stefan Stanciulescu; Claus Brabrand; Márcio Ribeiro; Andrzej Wąsowski. Variability Bugs in Highly-Configurable Systems: A Qualitative Analysis. Under review.


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