Suggested thesis topics

by Rasmus Pagh

The following thesis topics are intended for BSc and MSc students enrolled at IT University of Copenhagen. Each one contains a theoretical and a practical component, but the balance can be adjusted to suit the interests of students. They all require a solid background in algorithms (engineering and/or theoretical aspects) or mathematics. As of 2017, most of the topics are related to the Scalable Similarity Search project; you can read introductions to the fascinating topic of similarity (aka. near neighbor) search in CACM articles by Chazelle, and Andoni and Indyk.

If you wish to pursue one of these topics: 1) Find someone to work with, since we usually do not supervise single-person projects, 2) Write a short description of the kind of thesis you imagine writing, and 3) Contact me to set up a meeting well in time before the start of the work (if I am not available, I will try to refer you to another supervisor).

If you would like to see an example of a thesis in algorithms, have a look at Johan Sivertsen's MSc thesis.