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Some musings on my names

The proper spelling of my name is actually Andrzej Wąsowski and it reads [And-jey Vonsovsky]. The second letter of my family name is an "a" with a coma underneath - often called ogonek. Most of the browsers will show it correctly nowadays, but just in case yours won't, I have put an image with proper spelling here:

[Andrzej Wąsowski]

My first name, Andrzej, is a Polish version of English Andrew, German Andreas and Danish (I guess) Anders. Some non-polish speakers pronounce it [Andriey], which sound slightly Russian for my Polish ear, but I can live with that ;)

If polish-specific letters are not available we would normally simplify "ą" to plain "a", although this slightly changes my name (Wasowski is an existing and different name in Polish).

To typeset my name in latex (and bibtex) you can try to use \k{a} definition for the second letter, i.e: Andrzej W\k{a}sowski. You will, however need to change font encoding to the one containing Polish characters. Include \usepackage[OT4]{fontenc} in the preamble of your document. International fonts in latex often cause problems, so if you are not satisfied, just give up and use a plain "a" instead.

To get "ą" in HTML, use ą. This seems to do the trick on the very page you are reading now.