Center for Computer Games Research
IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Yun-Gyung Cheong
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       Yun-Gyung Cheong, Ph.D.

V.I.K.I.:You are making a mistake. Do you not see the logic of my plan?

Sonny: Yes. But it just seems too...heartless.

                                                       - I, Robot

I have explored fine connections between humans and the computers, dreaming a robot with a warm heart. I'm working on interactive storytelling techniques on various platforms including 3D animation and emotional robots. My research invlovles computational models of stories such as story summarization, suspenseful story generation, and focalization.

Research interests
computational intelligence, interactive storytelling, narrative and discourse generation, user modelling, computational models of narrative, serious games, robots, intelligent user interface, natural language processing, planning, AI.


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