The Technologies in Practice research group emphasizes interdisciplinary research, which focuses on qualitative studies of technologically mediated practices in organizations and everyday life. Our areas of expertise include the following topics:

Digitalization and public governance

  • Big data
  • Decision-making
  • The use of data in educational governance
  • Citizenship
  • Policymaking and political knowledge

Data ethics in IoT

  • Responsible IoT development
  • Data protection

Digital Technologies in Work Practice

  • Mobile life
  • Technologically mediated collaborative practices
  • Virtual teams

Healthcare IT

  • Health-tracking
  • Health data and citizens
  • Design, implementation and use of IT in health care settings
  • Affective health
  • Infrastructural competences

Energy and environment

  • IT based responses to climate change
  • Environmental management & accounting
  • Smart technology for energy use
  • Carbon valuation
  • Green data centers

Privacy and trust

  • Surveillance technologies
  • Location-based social applications
  • Encryption in practice

Digital democracy

  • Politics of access
  • E-elections
  • Voting
  • Social media and migration

Cultures of computing

  • Materiality of Computing
  • Software studies
  • Prototyping

Organizational analysis and design

  • Organizational reputation managing practices
  • The experimental organization

IT & Globalization

  • ICT4D
  • Monitoring & evaluation