Jonas Kastberg Hinrichsen

Ph.D. Student   CV
Ph.D. Student under the CS Department   Publications    
Dept. of Comp. Science, IT University of Copenhagen   Office:   4C07
Rued Langgaards Vej 7   Phone:   +45 6024 9924
DK-2300 Copenhagen, Denmark.    

Short BIO

I am highly enthusiastic in the (increasingly complicating) process of developing and validating software; Be it advanced functional programming practices, intricate model structures, formalisation and type theory, or any other related topic.

My passion is to constantly improve my own understanding of the problems that everyone from junior to senior developers and architects face on a daily basis, for which I might then be capable of providing sensible solutions.

Consequentially, my hope is thus to help improve the tools of the trade, raise the bar of application of such, and educate the masses on best practices. That is to ultimately lift the general quality of software being produced.