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Har vælgerne tillid til det matematisk sikre valgsystem?

Ved det netop afholdte valg i den australske stat, Victoria, afgav lidt mere end 1100 vælgere deres stemme via et nyt elektronisk valgsystem. DemTech’s Prinicipal Investigator, Carsten Schürmann, overværede, da de elektroniske stemmer blev dekrypteret.
Læs mere om det elektroniske valgsystem. Information icon


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IT University of Copenhagen contributes to the value creation in Denmark through research projects that create new academic insight and new ways of using IT.


Student Advisors

The student advisors at the IT University of Copenhagen can answer general questions you might have about the study programmes offered at the IT University, about admission rules and much more.

You are welcome to contact them at any time.

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The Study and Career Guidance

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In the Study Guide current students at the ITU can find the relevant information they need during their course of education: Important rules and regulations, deadlines, study skills, student life and career. The information is selected by relevance for BSc, MSc or a part time students.