Who should apply and what do you need to do?

Background: You should have a solid background within interdisciplinary IT areas leaning on social sciences or humanities and be motivated to do in-depth empirical and conceptual work investigating relations between technology and social and organizational action.

Project proposal: You should develop a project proposal, in which you define your research concerns, questions and methods. Writing the proposal you should address the following four questions:

  1. What is the research question or questions?
  2. Why are they relevant and for whom?
  3. How will you investigate the questions?
  4. What are the expected contributions?

Moreover, the proposal should include a three-year plan for conducting the research as well as considerations on empirical and theoretical approaches.

The proposal must fall within the general themes identified above. Have a look at the TiP web pages and the web-pages of individual researchers to get a sense of the kinds of research done in the group. Also, have a look at the publications page to see a list of recently published work.

As a Ph.D. student it is essential that you can plan, structure, and execute a research project given the period of time available. Because research seldom follows a pre-given path it is also a crucial competence that the Ph.D. student can re-formulate and change the research aim given the practical circumstances encountered. Academic English is the most common way to articulate findings and research, thus as Ph.D. student you should be prepared to engage with writing and reading in English. Ph.D. work is an individual activity by nature but parts can be collaborative executed dependent on the research in question.

Ph.D. theses come in two different forms: Paper collection and introduction or as a collective book. We suggest that the Ph.D. student considers early on in the process which approach that will support the working habits as well as the research topic.


Students typically get funding either through external research funds or by a university grant. You will be expected to do some teaching while at ITU. See the PhD Studies at ITU web pages for more details.


If you are interested in applying for a Ph.D. you can prepare by checking the information below: