TiP Talk by Airi Lampinen: Alternative Ways of Organizing Work

IT University of Copenhagen, 30. October 2019, 12.00—14.00Lampinen_pic
Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Copenhagen
Room: Aud. 4

The Technologies in Practice (TiP) research group at ITU is happy to present Senior Lecturer in Human–Computer Interaction and Docent in Social Psychology Airi Lampinen from Stockholm University/University of Helsinki, as our next speaker in our TiP Talk Speaker Series.

Airi Lampinen’s talk will highlight grassroots efforts to create alternative ways of organizing work. The focus will be on social and economic arrangements that are not geared solely at economic value and may not aim at scaling up. The talk draws on empirical work on cooperatives as well as the self-organizing network Hoffice that brings together people who wish to cocreate
temporary workplaces. What can we learn from such – sometimes humble and halting – efforts at creating new social and economic models? In promoting a focus on local meshing (Light & Clodagh, 2019), instead of the kind of scaling familiar from global, for-profit initiatives, the talk invites us to expand our thinking into what future economies can look like and the part technologies may play in them.

Airi Lampinen is an Associate Senior Lecturer in Human–Computer Interaction at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University, Sweden, and a Docent in Social Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Helsinki, Finland. The main focus of her current research is on interpersonal and economic encounters in the context of networked platforms. She is the Principal Investigator on the projects Economic Encounters for Human–Computer Interaction and Algorithmic Systems, Power, and Interaction. Moreover, she is actively involved in the COST Action From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy (http://sharingandcaring.eu) where she co-leads the working group on collaborative economy practices and communities.

TiP Talks – a series of talks
The Technologies in Practice research group at the ITU is the organizer behind this series of talks, “TiP Talks”, where we have invited academically distinguished speakers to ITU to share their research, which we consider as being of inspiration for academics who are interested in qualitative studies of technologically mediated practices in organizations.

This talk is open for everyone, but the content is intended for an academic audience as it builds upon previous research.
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